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Details are our line of work

We are here to provide you quality shop drawings and general arrangement drawings for site persons in-charge with the erection of steel structures.

With the use of 3D modelling software we are able to provide you the necessary reports to complete the fabrications. Reports including but not limited to, assembly list, assembly part list, bolt list, assembly bolt list, material list and more.

We are also able to export files to produce .nc1 files and dxf files.

Steel Detailing

iModel provide top-quality shop drawings and general arrangement drawings to help site managers erect steel structures with precision and without reworking.
Our 3D Tekla modelling software produces reports to assist fabrication completion.

We produce:

  • Assembly lists
  • Assembly part lists
  • Bolt lists
  • Assembly bolt lists
  • Material lists

We export files to produce .nc1 and dxf files.

Material Take Off (MTO)

We figure out exactly what you need to complete your steel construction project with precision. Price your project with confidence from your Material Take Off List which details the types and quantities of materials needed.

Steel Detailing Training

Learn to use Tekla modelling software effectively so that you can save time and money on your steel fabrication structures and design. Tekla is the most advanced structural BIM software that produces 3-D models of your designs and provides powerful information for all aspects of your building project management. With a solid foundation of understanding in how to use and integrate Tekla Management Systems your construction projects will flow seamlessly.
Upskill your team and deliver high-quality service to your clients. Our team is up to date with all the latest Tekla updates and can help you learn how to navigate the system with ease. Make the most of our years of experience and day to day use by booking a training session or consultation designed around your needs. We can cater to your steel-detailing requirements and customisation needs. From cadets to senior steel detailers we can teach you how to use Tekla for your particular purposes and keep you up-to-date with changes and new abilities, and we will show you how to integrate Tekla into your system.

Contact us to find out about our Tekla Training.

Steel Framing

Using premade Steel Framing for your construction projects can help solve problems and save time and money. Steel framing can be incorporated as part of a project, or for complete structures and arrive prefabricated with assembly instructions. The ease of installation reduces time spent on the project and saves you money on unnecessary labour.
Steel framing can resolve construction problems such as needing less groundwork on difficult sites and reducing earthquake susceptibility because of their durable and long-lasting qualities.
Steel framing is 100% recyclable and won’t absorb moisture so you can build healthier environments.

iModel makes the process easy for you by creating:

  • Steel framing models
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Frame assembly drawings
  • Bill of materials

Contact iModel to find out how we can get your detailing for steel framing projects started

Building Info & Modelling & Management (BIM)

Building Information Modelling offers huge benefits to your construction projects resulting in cost reduction and better control throughout the construction cycle. The advantages of using BIM management in design, construction and project management are applicable to both large-scale and small-scale use.
We use BIM software to create models and reports which assist in communication, reporting and budgeting your projects and provide:

  • Better scheduling
  • Precise material management
  • Easier expense estimates
  • Clearer communication
  • Greater collaboration
  • Up-to-date information
  • Reduced costs

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Philip Palfreyman| Miles Construction
“We worked with iModel to create detailed shop drawings for an urban apartment block project. The project was complex and very tight space wise, with multiple interconnections between apartment blocks. This called for detailed set out, elevation and detail drawings to be created to ensure all critical points were picked up and linking accurately.
Working with iModel was excellent in this situation, with the staff only a phone call away to nut out the details, and excellent detailed plans as the end of result”.
Scott Barr| Whakatiki Engineering
“Whakatiki Engineering have used iModel’s services many times over the years on a variety of projects. We have found Monica and her detailing team to be very customer focused, competent, with competitive rates. It is a pleasure dealing with a company that prides itself on keeping to programmes and producing high quality drawing that meet our specific needs.
In short, any contract that we have had with iModel detailing for us has been to the highest standard and comes with a pro-active attitude towards any challenges.”
Jason Yukich| Cassidy Construction
“I’ve found the quality of detailing to be exceptional, the responsiveness great and always punctual and using your own tracking system for RFIs always makes it easy for me to keep track of where we get to with solving issues. I also appreciate that the communication is always polite and professional”.


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