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We have international experience in steel detailing, engineering and design

Experience you can rely on

The team at iModel is built on a solid foundation of experience with international civil engineers and architects who have worked in the industry for over fifteen years. From shop drawings to large structural steel plans, and set-up and management of international steel detailing businesses, the iModel team have the skills and knowledge you need to save you time on your construction project.

Good Planning

Established by Civil Engineer Monica Josafat, iModel Steel Detailing has a strong background in structural design and steel detailing. Monica’s career in civil engineering grew from a childhood interest in numbers and drawing. After working extensively in Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Steel Detailing and Civil Engineering roles, Monica moved to Palmerston North for a New Zealand based role and enjoyed the simpler life on offer. Monica chose a niche in the industry—offering high-quality, steel detailing services to New Zealand and Australia at competitive prices.

Building a team

Precise detailing requires skilled staff. At iModel the team are supported to grow in their skills and advance their careers. They have expanded to include six extra fulltime staff members over the five years since iModel started delivering steel detailing services in New Zealand. Professionalism, respect and top-quality work delivered on time are the foundation values that the team aspires to.



General Manager
Monica, a Registered Civil Engineer with more than 15 years of steel detailing experience. She was the forerunner in establishing a New Zealand detailing office in Asia and the Pacific having the competence and leadership recognized by her previous company. Under the management of Monica, her team successfully delivered projects across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2015, the call to pave her own path became inevitable. She brought forward the idea and launched iModel Steel Detailing. From there on, Monica keeps the commitment in delivering top-notch shop drawings and maintaining an excellent working relation with the clients and stakeholders.

Monica enjoys time with her family in between the everyday operation of iModel as General Manager.


Project Manager / Tekla Technician
Gerald is a natural born leader with the passion of working smart. He came aboard iModel with more than 10 years of experience in structural steel detailing practice in Australia and New Zealand. A graduate of Architecture, Gerald spent his early years involved in surveying and construction that advances his understanding of the on-site work requirements.

Gerald works closely with clients every day. Communicating and ensuring a swift turnover of projects keeping a pro-active approach in every project delivery process.

As a Tekla Technician, his passion in providing an edge to the company and conforming to clients’ needs making sure everything is right on. Maintaining a smooth workflow and glitch free everyday technical operation.

A sports enthusiast by heart, Gerald spends leisure time playing basketball, darts, billiards and table tennis.


Structural Steel Detailer
For Rosanna, nothing is too complex that can’t be done. With more than 10 years of detailing experience under her belt and a degree in Civil Engineering, Rosanna worked with a number of detailing companies that gave her the opportunity to engaged with different detailing platforms and diverse projects.

Taking on a role in iModel, Rosanna carries out her function with efficiency, liaising with the clients and making provisions to the projects’ requirements remarkably. Meeting demands and turning over projects as scheduled.

Off work, Rosanna finds joy in baking and spending quality time with the family.


Structural Steel Detailer

Rosette started in detailing as a junior and worked her way up as a Project Coordinator of Industrial and Mining projects across Australia over her practice in Asia and the Pacific. She teamed up with her previous executive and started a detailing office in the Philippines which catered to Australia and New Zealand clients and took over the role of a Production Manager.

She finds joy and challenge in dealing with the everyday complexity and demand of the job at various level. With more than 10 years of Project Management in Steel detailing in her credential, she joined iModel in 2017 to diversify her course and to help out carry the challenges in running the office. Keeping the principle of ensuring every concern of the project is addressed correctly and on-time.


Structural Steel Detailer / Computer Technician
Kyle joined iModel as a Cadet as he tries to find an avenue to grow his skills. His interest to learn and dedication to work qualified him to take on further responsibility in the team. Kyle now works on his own projects under the supervision and directive of his seniors who are training him to be working alongside with the clients soon.

Kyle also takes on the lead in providing and setting all of facets of computer support in the office.

To cap off a busy day, Kyle plays squash and table tennis. Weekends for him are best spent outdoors honing his photography craft.


Cadet Structural Steel Detailer

John commence working with iModel as a Cadet fresh out from High School. He dreams to become an Architect and hopes that understanding the basic and complexities of construction thru detailing will accelerate his awareness and learning.

Young and athletic, John Kenneth enjoys playing basketball as his sports.

  • “We worked with iModel to create detailed shop drawings for an urban apartment block project. The project was complex and very tight space wise, with multiple interconnections between apartment blocks. This called for detailed set out, elevation and detail drawings to be created to ensure all critical points were picked up and linking accurately.
    Working with iModel was excellent in this situation, with the staff only a phone call away to nut out the details, and excellent detailed plans as the end of result”.
    Philip Palfreyman| Miles Construction
  • “Whakatiki Engineering have used iModel’s services many times over the years on a variety of projects. We have found Monica and her detailing team to be very customer focused, competent, with competitive rates. It is a pleasure dealing with a company that prides itself on keeping to programmes and producing high quality drawing that meet our specific needs.
    In short, any contract that we have had with iModel detailing for us has been to the highest standard and comes with a pro-active attitude towards any challenges.”
    Scott Barr| Whakatiki Engineering
  • “I’ve found the quality of detailing to be exceptional, the responsiveness great and always punctual and using your own tracking system for RFIs always makes it easy for me to keep track of where we get to with solving issues. I also appreciate that the communication is always polite and professional”.
    Jason Yukich| Cassidy Construction


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